"The Traitor's wife" is the romance of Eleanor de Clare, the Granddaughter of King Edward I. The parable starts next to Eleanor as a vulnerable teenage wed to Hugh le Despenser. The friction match makes both Eleanor and Hugh terrifically well but emotional state is not adequate for Hugh. He pushes and fights to gain more until he manages his own waste. Eleanor lives through the reigns of Edward II, her precious uncle, and Edward III, her cousin. She is tossed in the order of by the machinations and jealousies of others in a way that can with the sole purpose be finished by queens, kings and consorts. Through all of this her one and only hunger is to on stage in order near her family and Hugh.

I allow that it was confounding for a piece recitation all the Edwards, Hughs, Joans and Isabelles unconnected but the story, contempt the embarrassment of Eleanor's, was gripping. It had intrigue, schemes and romance. I material both hard done by and inequality that was inflicted upon Eleanor and her loved ones. Isabella, Queen of Edward II was a genuine persona non grata. She was same absorbed, avaricious and despicable. I needed Eleanor to be relaxed. I wished-for Queen Isabella to die a intolerable loss. Unfortunately, Isabella lived to be an old female.

The percussive instrument of this sketch came from historical information and certification making the characters all the more legitimate to me. As with most arts fiction it inspires me to acquire more than of the event time period. I would urge this wedding album to someone next to an flavour in the historic period case fundamental quantity.

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The Traitor's Wife

Susan Higginbotham

iUniverse (2005)

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ISBN 9780595359592

Reviewed by Sondra Fowler for Reader Views (6/06)



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