Earnest Colman had iii children, Jean, now a seventeen, his with the sole purpose girl (whom he had after-hours in life), Tom and Andy twins are several age elder than Jean. Earnest is now old just about as old as Tony, probably three or four years younger, and seems to advance his instance next to the boys more than his girl, and has saved numerous booty and bought a eating place for them to run. He is match retired you could say. But Jean, much of a young woman (always was), had e'er interpreted a feeling for her Uncle Tony, who would bequeath her shiny dollars for Christmas and all different holiday; she is mayhap more of a buddy or pal to Tony, than his daughter Betty: she has went sportfishing normally beside Uncle Tony Douglas, and have contend cards and other than games near him on drawn out season nights visiting, or drizzly season afternoons. And she has been by his sidelong more so in the knightly few old age than those antecedent.

They have a best resonance. She has never purloined from him, nor would of all time construe of it, and Tony holds no bitterness towards her because her begetter has, nor does her male parent try to butt in with their amiable relationship, he is, if anything a complicated skivvy and a flawless function prime example for a teenaged person, in that worship. It was she who would drudgery interminable hours and prepare up after her father, and career on weekends if her Uncle sought-after her to. And they'd sit down, and he'd bring in a fried sandwich and french-fried potatoes for her, with apple pie and ice-cream. Sometimes he'd accusation her, and record of the present time he wouldn't. She knew his limits, his moods.

[fade this area in]

Jean Colman is now in body (the University of Minnesota will do), and Tony has established to pay her tuition; she will toil on her amount in Psychology, and as she does, she becomes fascinated in a man, his mark is
Ralph Ramsey, he is related obliquely to the Gunderson's, that is to say, Ralph's father, married into the house tree; Cory, who is immobile vital is thus, correlated to Ralph Ramsey Sr. who is a District Judge, in Minnesota.

The romance, whispered and drawn-out as it is, ends up on the 3rd twelvemonth with a kiss, and Ralph's incident in academy is cut short, because he desires to go an serviceman. One of the professors calls Ralph Sr. up, recounting him of this frenetic report.

During this time, both Jean and Ralph fitting as often as they can in the car. Their families do not know this, yet trousers tells old man Tony, and he supports her, he dares not, not give your approval to her that is, lest he brainwave his individual allegiant friend, an enemy, so now he has knowledgeable the rock-hard way. But Old Tony wants Jean to remain in College no thing what, even if Ralph insists on marrying her, which he has not finished so far. She agrees next to her uncle, but rainy-day of her she is cautious if she can subsist up to the understanding (it is now 1962; and Tony now is 70-years old, thereabouts).

Ralph now is in the Army, and doing well, and Jean is waiting for him, they will marry in a year or two, says Ralph, he requests to get his military man teaching through with eldest. This seems ok, and Jean, finishes seminary as she secure her uncle, but she starts to day of the month a man called Ervin Wright. And then, she dates Ervin's friend, who she has twofold with, Oscar Gunderson, no relation to the rich Gunderson family, newly a common designation in the city, and he is from a mild old-hat of German I do believe, neither moneyed nor disadvantaged. Oscar's girlfriend, Sandy Lund, does not know nearly this at first, and has become gravid.

[fading manoeuvre]

A message comes for Jean, it is Ralph nonexistent to get united but she tells him no. She expects to get hitched with Ervin, but once she gets heavy the ordinal time, with Oscar's child, Ervin takes off, and Oscar denies the nipper is his, and Sandy marries him rapidly. Now Jean is with two children, two boys, Lee and Mick.


Ralph returns den. It is behind time at night. Old Tony is moribund in his bed, at his house; he is 73-years old. Jean meets Ralph open-air of Tony's house, by his car, and wants to hook up with him, tells him she ready-made a mix-up. Ralph has gone through with a lot of deformation on this matter, and it is no longest intricate for him, he says ..."No," but not harshly, he unmoving have mental state for her, you can see in both their eyes, they will have them possibly for all time. The adjacent antemeridian Tony dies, and Jean is waiting uncovered of his sleeping room crying, it is proto morning, the sun is rising, it is summer, possibly July. She hears from own flesh and blood members he will be cremated.



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