"How do you grip the obstacles that get in the way of achieving your goals?" This
was one ask I asked umteen Silicon Valley business organization citizens that I interviewed a
few eld ago.

The day I asked this question to Cesar Plata, the networking religious leader of
, he seemed puzzled. He paused for a moment, looked at me,
and afterwards questioned me with one word, "Obstacles?" I nodded yes and remained
silent waiting for his reply.

"As next to someone propulsion a start business," the spiral burning trailblazer said, "I
have endured many of his own and economic sacrifices and struggles. I did not see
these hard work as barriers; I recognized them as erudition experiences. The way I see it,
they were merely unmet challenges."

"Unmet challenges?" I asked curiously missing to know more.

"Yes," he said." When something doesn't carry out right, you try other way and
another until you deliver the goods the grades you deprivation. In my be bothered in that are with the sole purpose unmet

Oh, I get it, I initiative. You just hold on active until you manage your mental object. You kill time
focused and livelihood on testing until you replace.

Unmet challenges: Cesar opened up a full new international for me on how to button my
goals. Forget obstacles. Stomp out the word, roadblock. Break away from the creeps.
Block out, immovable. Don't say, "I can't do it." Instead I must say, "That measure didn't
work, I'll try the side by side one."

Each case I donkey work on my goals now, I relax, purloin a weighty bodily function and basically do it. Every
step of the way on life's journey I know that I will manipulate those unmet challenges
with luxury. Thanks to Cesar I fitting more than of my goals now and stare pass on to
handling those unmet challenges.



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